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Oh hey!

2010-11-22 10:13:35 by SlimSt

I know noone of you gives a damn here but here's my post :3
I made a Youtube channel where I will post cartoons from
You can find it here
Also A video from there

/* */
See ya! :D

Oh hey!

Other works

2010-03-16 06:27:14 by SlimSt

I have a lots of my other works, nut i don't think they cost newgrounds... Should I upload it here?
You can watch some there -->

F**k my interests, and f***k Mina XDDDD
Yep, i don't like madness, but it is Madness DAy '09!! IT IS F****ING MADNESS DAY!!!!
Party, everyone (especially Nevada =D)

Well, it isa early, but from today (or tommorow, or the WTF day) i am starting to make an XMAS flash.
IT won't be a cartoon SLim&co series (i really wanna continiue this series, but this work will fckuing hardcore) It will be an flash-clip to one XMAS song. I won't say wich, cuz izz a secret :B
Anyway, it is better early, then never))